• Extra strong double sided mounting pads for indoor and outdoor use, suitable for smooth, rough and porous surfaces
  • Mounting without nails or screws
  • With reinforced fabric
  • Perfect for fast and easy mounting of plinths, letterboxes, sheet material, tiles, etc.
  • Also suitable for decorative ornaments and decorative frames made of polyurethane and polystyrene foam
  • 10 pads per envelope
Art. No. width length colour Pack. EAN code
PA2040 20 mm 40 mm semi-transparent 20 5407004560755

Adhesive: synthetic rubber

Carrier: polyester film

Maximum temperature: 60°C

Tensile strength:

Adhesive strength: 55 N/25 mm

Shear strength: 7 kg/cm²

Thickness: 0,80mm

Breakdown voltage:

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