• High quality cloth tape with a matt, fluo surface
  • Suitable for use in studios and theatres: no light reflection
  • Strong adhesion and weather resistant
  • Leaves no adhesive residues when being removed after long term use
Art. No. width length colour Pack. EAN code
YF2525 25 mm 25 m fluo yellow 36 n/a
YF5025 50mm 25 m fluo yellow 30 n/a
PF2525 25 mm 25 m fluo pink 36 n/a
PF5025 50mm 25 m fluo pink 30 n/a
OF2525 25 mm 25 m fluo orange 36 n/a
OF5025 50mm 25 m fluo orange 30 n/a
GF2525 25 mm 25 m fluo green 36 n/a
GF5025 50mm 25 m fluo green 30 n/a
BF2525 25 mm 25 m fluo blue 36 n/a
BF5025 50mm 25 m fluo blue 30 n/a

Adhesive: natural rubber

Carrier: PE coated cloth

Maximum temperature: 60°C (up to 80°C for short periods)

Tensile strength: 245 N/25 mm

Adhesive strength: 10 N/25 mm

Shear strength:

Thickness: 0,30 mm

Breakdown voltage:

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